The Scriptures changed my life

Long before I knew Jesus, his word was delivered through Jack Chick comic book Bible tracts I found at the bus stop. What first seemed silly and offensive eventually rewrote my story in a way that will be told in eternity. I am a witness to, and proof of, the power of God’s Word.

There are many people who know a different Danny. Most people call me Dan now. I’m the same person I’ve always been, but still different somehow. There is no greater wisdom to be attained apart from fearing God and measuring your own heart and mind against the stories told by witnesses in the Bible. This is what sets Dan apart from Danny… though I am badly tainted, my life reflects God’s truth.

I submitted my life to Jesus Christ on July 28, 2003. Now I am called to extend Christ’s offer of eternal life to some who believe Jesus to be silly and offensive, and to others who have never even heard His name.

My name is Daniel Bidulock. I am a Web Developer and Wycliffe Bible Translator

When God’s Word takes root in your heart, you see the world clearly. You see God at work everywhere. For me, having read those first few verses, God was immediately revealed in music, movies, and television… none of which were Christian. To this day I point to the truths revealed to me by The Matrix, Fight Club, and a wonderful Canadian film called Cube 2: Hypercube.

God’s truth was further reinforced through my academic studies in Computer Science… nothing is random, and infinity belongs to God. Like God, we create with our words. This is true of all people, though perhaps in a less literal sense than when executed by someone who speaks the languages of machines. My graduate research in Artificial Intelligence was motivated largely by the romantic notion of creating a sentient computer being in my own tarnished image. Day by day, this notion is less romantic and more likely.

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science provide fertile ground for new points of theological discussion.

Though excited to speak at length on fantastic ideas about computing and reality itself, my first Wycliffe assignment is purely pragmatic. Wycliffe has an immediate need for Web Developers. By God’s provision, I have taught Web Development for five years and am a master of my trade. Programmers write software for computers. Web Developers are specialized programmers in that we write software for delivery over the World Wide Web. Wycliffe has an urgent need for Web Developers.

My first assignment has been to build a Web application called Identity. As the tools of translation move onto the Web, we have recognized the opportunity to reduce the cost of organizing people and teams.

A full Bible translation can take 30 years or longer

In practical terms, my job at Wycliffe is to make Bible translation faster and cheaper. The need for Web Developers is motivated by the urgent need of people who don’t know this simple truth: Jesus loves you. No Scripture, no salvation… no Bible comics at the bus stop. This is deeply unsettling, because memories of the old Danny are still fresh. My life apart from Christ is a bad story.

My work as a Bible translator is supported entirely by generous individuals and families.

I cannot do my work without your generosity. My call to serve with Wycliffe brings with it an opportunity to contribute to the fulfillment of Christ’s Great Commission. The good stories people tell about how they came to know Christ are enabled by generosity. Money contributed to my mission is money invested in God’s work. It has impact on real lives in ways money alone cannot facilitate.

Take this opportunity to contribute to invest in God’s Kingdom. I am always looking to cultivate relationships with committed monthly financial partners.

Give as God leads

Invite my family to visit you on a Sunday.

Allow me to testify to the power of the Scriptures. We hope to visit the congregations in Calgary and Southern Alberta to call up supporters.

It is a great privilege to be called to apply my God-given skills with Wycliffe. Greater still that I get to hear good stories first-hand of individual lives changed and entire communities transformed. There is no better use of my time on earth. Let me share this joyous duty with you. We are all called to testify to God’s work in our own lives. We are all called to bring news of His sacrifice to people around the world.

God’s peace,

Daniel Bidulock M.Div., M.Sc.

Wycliffe Bible Translator

Language Software Developer, SIL International