FairShare Attribution

An old, difficult problem

My mission is Bible translation. Before a Bible can be translated, people must learn to read and write in their own language. To teach this, we need stories. But sometimes minority language groups don't want to share their stories because they are afraid we will steal them.

Those seeds of mistrust were sown long ago. A solution exists, it just needs to be built.

Let me ask you,

Are you frightened by the prospect of a single world-wide computer that once turned on can never be turned off? A computer on which the data stored can never be changed?

No? Good.

Computers like these exist. We call them blockchains. Bitcoin is a blockchain, but it is the dinosaur of blockchains. Our world-wide blockchain computers are becoming more sophisticated and much more useful everyday. Blockchains are already being used to permanently attribute authorship to works of digital art. If God allows, I will take this a step further and permanently record collaborative contributions so that everyone who works on a translation project gets their FairShare.

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With trust ensured, we remove a significant barrier to communities committing to encoding their languages, sharing their stories, and translating their own Bibles.

God's peace,