Frequently Asked Questions

Hey Dan, what exactly do you do?

Great question! Thanks for asking...

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Most people know me as a Wycliffe Bible Translator. I am seconded to an organization called SIL International. I write language translation software for the World Wide Web.

What is SIL International?

Broadly speaking, we are interested in developing and preserving minority languages. Arguably, we are most famous for devising alphabets for languages that cannot be written down. SIL was founded in 1934.

How many languages are there?

It depends on who you ask, but it is believed that there are about 7,000 living languages spoken today. Of those, it is likely that 3,000 have no written form.

That's super cool!

That's not a question, but it is a sentiment frequently expressed.

What are you working on now?

My team is the first to deploy a production-ready, end-to-end tested, continuously-integrated Web application. If those words are foreign to you, just know that we have taken a significant lead and set a high standard for SIL moving forward.

Our application is called Identity. It currently manages access to SIL's centralized authentication system. We have taken the first step toward inviting believers around the world to participate in the translation process directly.

It is our goal to have the Bible in translation for every language by 2025. By equipping consultants, translators, and native speakers with the tools that follow Identity, we are building the capacity to do exactly that.

You are welcome to try it yourself. Take a peak at what third-party identity providers know about you!

Can I get involved?


If you are called to serve, God has a job for you. I am thankful that He chose me. Reach out through any of the social channels listed in the footer if you'd like to chat.

You may also support this work financially through Wycliffe Canada.

With some 3,000 languages for which Bible translation work hasn’t started and four years to meet our goal, it may seem like we’re running out of time. Thankfully, even apart from the rapid pace of Web Development, nothing is impossible for the one true God who rose from the grave and conquered death.

God's peace,